TM - Tiny eMacs

An Emacs-ish text editor for DOS (remember DOS?), in less than 4K bytes.

"TM" was my first 8086 assembler project, started way back in 1988 if memory serves.  All I wanted from the exercise was some experience with DOS and 8086 assembler, and possibly a simple, convenient editor with familiar Emacs key bindings.  The more features I added, the more useful it became; the more I used it, the more I wanted new features.  Drawing me on was the challenge of adding the more complicated features while remaining below the hallowed 4K barrier -- once upon a time a common "cluster size" on the primitive computing devices of the day.  TM took on a life of its own.  It grew and grew and eventually consumed me.  As I write these words now, I am but a hollowed-out shell of the man I was before I first caught the bug of

You can find the sources and the `` executable at Github.